Playing the Fool

I love April Fool's Day. I just wish I remembered it was coming before what's usually the morning of, or this year, the night before. I can never come up with a really good prank at the last minute. I usually end up just calling my mom and trying to convince her I'm stranded on the side of the road or have just been fired. Neither of those seem quite so funny this year, since my car is actually dying at intersections for no reason that any mechanic can seem to figure out (but gladly took my $$$)...and jobs are disappearing even faster than my retirement fund. And my mom now lives with me, which severely limits my ability to pull off a prank, since I can't ever manage to keep a straight face in person.

Since I won't have any good pranking stories to tell...share yours with me! Even if you just hear of a great prank a friend pulled, or something on the net. I'll share a few favorites on tomorrow's blog post.

There are a few bloggers that have thought about a unique way to celebrate April Fool's...and actually got prepared for it! They're starting a new tradition--April Food Day--a lighter way to remember to give back, just a little, when so many of us are hurting right now.

Here's the information, in case you want to check it out:



  1. I think giving someone a wax apple on April Food Day would be funny, in a kill two birds way. ...