Yellow Treehouse

Look at me, several posts within twelve hours, on a weekend, no less! Chalk it up to the snowstorm. This place really keeps magic alive. Seeing this place brought me back to the treehouse my Papa built for me years ago. (It wasn't quite this elaborate, but it did have a tower, which I thought was pretty cool.)

This is a restaurant in New Zealand's redwood forest. The restaurant is shortly to close and reopen as a spot for special functions. Could you imaging getting married here?


The blog that shared this lovely story is another one of my faves, called Endless Inspiration. I also love her post about the house from the movie Practical Magic. Old houses are another happy of mine. The opportunity to explore a big, historic house is one of my very favorite things. (Okay, I have a lot of favorite things.)

By the way, wanna know what I'm doing right now? (I'll assume an emphatic "yes, please!".) I'm laying on the floor of my living room while I type this, watching for the birds to return to my patio. I'm taking pictures of a bluebird eating a worm, and the juncos battling over birdseed we scattered over the yard. I had to get on the floor, the silly birds are smart enough to fly away every time I walk near to the window. It's snowy and icy, but it's awfully nice to be snugly settled in for the day, enjoying the outdoors from a comfortable distance. There's a reason the bluebird is the bird of happiness--you can't help but smile looking at something so cheerful, even if the poor bird looks a little worse for wear from the rain.

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