March 4, 2009

Another random Thursday. Nothing special about today. Actually, there’s quite a lot that’s un-special about it. I have laryngitis, for one thing. I overslept this morning. I’m starting to doubt I’ll have a 401K by the time the economy improves. One of my dogs isn’t speaking to me because she couldn’t have prime lap position tonight. And my only way to work has become a construction zone that’s supposed to last for two years. We’re talking 45 per hour max on the interstate, with a $250 minimum fine for speeding, and redneck truck drivers breathing down my ass.

When I think about it, most weeks are filled with un-special days. I think we all feel that way. When isn’t there a list of wish-it-hadn’ts and should-have-nevers in our day?

We could try the “glass is half full” philosophy, but really, that just means that we still have a half glass of problems staring us in the face. Why can’t our glass ever be three quarters full? And I’d like mine topped off once in a while. A nice frothy, overflowing head of wonderful. Why don’t we have more of those days?

So acknowledging the lack of perfection in my life, and the knowledge that this trend will likely continue…I’m going to try something different. I’m going look for one thing every day…the one shining happy moment. Okay, it sounds almost as trite as thinking of my imaginary glass as half full.

But I’m not going to cheat and say “my family” or “my country” or any other obvious thing that of course we’re thankful for. I’m going to find something new every day…something surprising or unexpected. Things that might even be silly or quirky or funny…that celebrate the imperfect nature of life. Perfection would probably get pretty boring, after all.

Okay, today’s shining happy….
Drumroll, please…this is a big one…prepare yourself.

Dakota Fanning is for sure going to be in New Moon (according to very reliable gossip websites). And the Twilight DVD releases in just two and a half weeks.

I said it was my happy for the day…not yours! Okay, so you think it’s lame. And it might be. I admit it, I’m Potter-obsessed, Cullen-crazy, and I even read every Brisingr novel, even after seeing the movie. What’s life without a little fantasy? Fantasy brings two whole hours of perfection, in a world where I just might get to fly or be involved in a wicked wand fight.

It might be silly, it might not save my 401K, but it still makes me smile.

That’s it for today. Hopefully I (and maybe even you) will look back on March 4th as a red-letter day. This is the beginning of a happier, bloggier future for me.

P.S. My husband just told me it’s actually March 5th. Darn it.


  1. Breathing down your ass? TMI, Happy Chick, TMI. :)

  2. Three cheers for the Potter-obsessed!

  3. You'll be our filter for the new Twilight product. If you drool, we have success!