A Wii Bit of Fun

Things are still pretty stressful at home--my husband has a ruptured disc in his neck, and possibly one in his back. He's pretty much in agony. But we had a bit of fun today with a new Wii game...SimAnimals. I only had time to play a few for a little while, and the cat kept eating all my squirrels, but I think it has potential.

I was addicted to Zoo Tycoon, once upon a time, and this one's sure to become my next addiction.

Have I mentioned that I'm a game magnet? I have two, yes two, closets stacked with games (oh, I leave room for the occasional coat or pair of shoes, but they're mostly full of games). Some of my faves: Scene It, Outburst, Balderdash or State Fair Bingo for big groups...Scrabble, Blokus, Othello, Clue, or Risk for smaller groups. And of course virtually any card game (my dad was a poker dealer, after all).

So it was only a matter of time before the Wii found it's way into my life. But I don't think it can ever completely replace a good board game. I'm not emptying out the closet just yet!

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