Birds of a Feather

Today's happy moment can only be appreciated by a nature-lover. We decided to put out our birdhouses this afternoon at the new place. Since we have a little bit of land now, we have been hoping to attract some wildlife. Anyway, within literally 15 minutes of the houses going up, there were a pair of bluebirds checking them out. They stayed all afternoon...I think we may have some new neighbors!

Life is so complex, constantly evolving, and it seems like our focus is all about getting over that next hurdle, or getting that next big new thing. I used to love the non-stop pace. My Saturdays were a whirlwind of errands, movies, shopping...and I loved it. I'm the planner--I could always fit it all in. And I still can. But as I've gotten older and life just seems to keep throwing more things in to juggle, my hobbies have started to change. I appreciate the kind of vacation now that involves sitting by a lake or taking a country drive...more relaxation than stimulation. And I've finally done the unthinkable, and become a full-fledged (no pun intended) birdwatcher like my Mom. I'm actually quite addicted. There's something so refreshing about watching something so simple as a pair of bluebirds keeping house. It's such a nice reminder that there are some things that stay the same, and that's actually a good thing. And it's good to stop once in a while, and see the beautiful details that make everything all worthwhile in the first place.

Okay, now I'm philosophizing a bit too much for a Saturday night. Gotta fly!

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