One Good Tapioca Deserves Another

Well, I still sound like a frog. And when I laugh, I sound like a frog in pain. But what the heck...it's Friday night. We ordered pizza (my personal favorite Friday night splurge). And it's warm enough to have the window open. I can even hear the killdeer and frogs singing outside. Spring might actually be just around the corner. It almost makes springing forward tomorrow worth it. No, I take that back. I'm not enough of a morning person to make my peace with losing an hour. Sigh.

By the way...all the city folk out there are thinking "what the heck is a killdeer?". Well, I'm going to keep the mystery alive and not tell you. But no worries...no deer were harmed in the making of a killdeer.

Okay, let's move on to today's official happy. It's probably cheating, but today I'm going to share someone else's happy thought. (No, I'm not already out of ideas. And if I was, I wouldn't admit it anyway.)

This one's for all my work buddies out there. There is apparently a growing fan club at my work...in celebration of our cafeteria's tapioca pudding. In one day, I've heard about the joys of that pudding from two different people. Ah, the simple joys of comfort food. Some days, they even put a dash of whipped cream and a cherry on top. Really, it has to be experienced to be understood. You'll just have to imagine enjoying your own little guilty pleasure...I'm sure you have one. Maybe it's even tapioca pudding. Mine is actually my mom's homemade tapioca...served warm and fluffy. Mmmm. But the cafeteria pudding runs a close second.

I have a prediction. As long as there is no unexpected pudding shortage, I believe the weight loss industry will continue to boom during the economic crisis. It's time to break out the comfort foods, people.

I actually have one more happy thought to share today. I want to share another blog with you. A friend of mine is doing one good deed for each day of Lent, and is recording it on a blog, "40 Days/40 Deeds". It's clever and quirky and funny...you'll love it. My favorite entry is from last Wednesday. It involves tapioca pudding.

Here's the link: http://40days40deeds.tumblr.com

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