I've gotten hooked recently on the show Heroes (through Netflix, about four years late!). We received the next DVD in the mail today, which was my unexpected little happy after a hectic day. My husband recently ruptured a disc in his neck, so he's home miserable right now, and I've had a pretty busy period at work, so both of us really enjoyed our little Heroes break tonight. :)

This series does quite a few clever things, but one subtle thing that I love is how in almost every episode (at least during the first season), someone repeated a version of the line, "I just want to be a hero." And that desire to do something good for the world is, of course, a major theme running throughout the show.

I remember being fascinated with Wonder Woman growing up. Of course, I wanted the neat invisibility super powers and the ability to deflect bullets with my sparkly wrist bands. But I also loved the idea of being the one to save the day. As I grew up, of course, I suppose I lowered my expectations for myself, and I certainly wouldn't consider myself a hero today.

Yet when I think about it, I'm surrounded by heroes every day. My husband is certainly my hero. One of my favorite of his superpower is his ability to notice the little things, the daily details that are really meaningful, yet usually overlooked (at least by me). For example, he usually takes time to pack my lunch for work, and adds creative little surprises on stressful days. My friend Laurie, she's my hero, too. She has the power of problem-solving. She's an amazing listener, and she gives the perfect, practical advice to almost any problem. There are more...and I don't know what I wouldn't do without them. This is my shout out to all my heroes...thanks for always saving the day. :)

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