Finding Your Passionality

Today a friend reminded me of a site that I found long ago...one that's beautifully inspiring. This website will make you want to take your next vacation in Virginia, I warn you! This is no average travel site. The part I like best about this site is the "passionality" quiz. Here's a link to that part of the site:


I came out as a "Small Town Hound". That's me completely...and I love that they had me pegged so quickly. And the places they said I'd love? I so do! There's even a description of "a day in the life" of the Small Town Hound. The descriptions are above and beyond typical travel descriptions...they make you feel like you're there.

There's really nothing like a small town--especially the ones that have worked hard to keep their old town buildings thriving. My husband and I have spent many happy hours wandering little antique stores, art galleries, one-of-a-kind gift shops, and used book stores on small town historic squares. Stillwater, Minnesota is one of my favorites...thought Red Wing, Minnesota runs a close second. A close town that's charming is Arrow Rock, MO. (And one fun tidbit--my husband has an ancestor mentioned in the little museum in Arrow Rock. :)

Passionality...I really love that word. So evocative. We should all find our "passionality" and just live it. Too much time are spent on things that are definitely not driven by our passion. Of course, I don't want to have just one. I may be a Small Town Hound...but I'm also Nature Girl, Fairy Tale Reader, and a Weekend Birdwatcher. And who knows what else? There are old favorites and newly acquired passions. We all have a passionality as complex as our personality. Okay, enough fun with that concept--you can see I'm fascinated with it.

If you check out virginia.org, post a comment and let me know what "passionality" you have.

P.S. I've never actually taken a vacation to Virginia. But now, I can hardly wait. That's one clever travel site!


  1. What a great site (virginia.org) - turns out I'm an "ecothusiast" - what a lot of fun! Thanks for the mini-vacation.
    I was directed to your site by R.J. (Rickscrapsack), and I must say I'm quite impressed. I read every single line and loved it (and immediately ordered The Rose Labyrinth) - this is a much needed concept and I'll be back-often.

  2. Thanks so much, Owlcat!! (And I hope you aren't disappointed the Rose Labyrinth--I ultimately found it had some disturbing themes and confusing twists, but the language is beautiful. :)