You Gotta Have Friends

When I've had a crazy day, one of my favorite little stress relievers is putting on an episode of Friends. It's a guaranteed laugh for me. I love their quirky personalities, and how they play off each other. Tonight was definitely a Friends night...I needed my funny fix.

Sure, it's just another sitcom, but I like what Friends always represented--basically, it doesn't really matter what happens day to day, as long as you have each other to laugh with. My family's philosophy was always laughter first, reality second. I think I can live with that philosophy.

My other favorite lesson from Friends: The Christmas Armadillo is WAY cooler than Santa.

So I thought today I'd share one of my favorites--it's the one where they had a contest to see who knew each other better--the girls or the guys...



  1. I love Friends too. Jon and I are re-watching all 10 seasons in order. We pop in an episode when nothing else is on or when we want a fun, light evening. We've been at it for over a year and are up to Season 7.

  2. We did that too, a few years ago, and I'm getting close to wanting to do the start-to-finish marathon again. :)