And They Call It...Puppy Love

I had such a happy surprise today...my copy of Twilight arrived (pre-ordered, of course), before the release!! We weren't expecting it today. So of course, my happy for the evening was relishing that movie start to finish.

As you'd expect, I read the books, and so I'm an instant fan. But beyond that, I love the cinematography and the simple scenes between Edward and Bella. I think it's a beautifully captured budding romance.

Maybe my real happy is remembering New Love. There's just something about the tension and temperamental moods...and those time-stopping moments where you're seeing through each other eyes, straight into heart and soul. I think it's one of the most powerful moments in our lives--we don't fully appreciate the heights our emotions have reached until later, when time has softened and shaped love into something more durable and lasting (but still lovely). Later we grin about the sappiness and silliness we displayed way back then--but do we really appreciate those fleeting moments of pure, passionate emotion, when, just for a time, honest, uncomplicated feeling had the power to overtake and envelop every aspect of our lives.

It doesn't always last. I'm lucky, my husband and I enjoy reminiscing over our first year of meeting, dating, falling in love. And even though we've been together ten years now, and have moved beyond the intensity of new love, we came through that with deeper feelings that will last all our lives. But I know some new loves fade into friendship, some turn into darker feelings, some just fall away entirely. I've been through those, too. But experiencing those moments of connection are a gift, however long it lasts.
Twilight might be the hot new fantasy movie, full of vampires and werewolves, but it's the love story that keeps me coming back for more.

It strikes me that this is a very girly blog. I didn't really intend to start that way...sorry for the sappy...it just comes out on its own, sometimes. :)

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