Silly, Quirky, Happy

Sometimes life is just silly. Today I just had to laugh at myself. First, I hobbled around on shoes I hadn't broken in yet...why women are willing to suffer for their shoes, I still don't understand.
Second, I had five different projects to work on today, and plenty of desk time to do them. So did I knock one out neatly, one at a time? No, apparently my brain can't function if I'm not multi-tasking, so I had to have all five open at once, and flip back and forth randomly between them. I actually accomplished quite a lot, and felt good about the work, but why I found it necessary to work that way was beyond me. (And HOW I accomplished that much, working that way, just doesn't seem quire right.) For some reason, I work better under rapid fire, with quick changes and stops and starts.
And third, you know that book I told you about before I read it? The Rose Labyrinth? Well, apparently I'm not smart enough for this book. Lovely language, and some interesting ideas, but it keeps going over my head, jumping deeply into obscure subjects that I've never researched and can't quickly follow. It's so convoluted it keeps losing me, but yet here I am, compelled to finish it. Plus in some ways I disagree with the beliefs expressed. But I can't NOT finish it. And on some level, I'm even enjoying plowing through it, it's like a treasure hunt of a book, and I'm trying desperately to have enough endurance to finish it and find the ending.
These silly nothings are my happy for today...there's no sense in trying to figure out why we do the things we do...we just have to enjoy them for the quirky, real-life moments they are.

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