Three Cheers for Compliments

There's nothing like getting a compliment to put a little boost in your step. When someone notices my jewelry or shirt or new haircut, it just makes my day. Today I was complimented on my wicked guitar hero skills, when I had my first solo gig at a family dinner tonight. Of course, once they told me I was great, I messed up all over the place, but it was nice to hear anyway.

Today a friend shared a great story about The Compliment Guys. There are a group of students at Purdue that are turning compliments into a social revolution...check it out!


If I love compliments so much, I should probably do it more. Today I loved a friend's new hoodie, and I said so. (Actually, twice.) I think I'm going to try to give a compliment a day from now on. The friend who gave me this link is actually trying to compliment a stranger every day...that's even better.

My other happy for the day...seeing that people are starting to share happy moments like this with me. Keep it up, guys...if you hear of a great "happy" and share it with me I"ll pass it along!


  1. Compliments are the best! This has been a great blog, and I've really enjoyed reading it.