Fool's Day Funnies

So, I couldn't even fool my mom this year. I came limping into the house, saying I fell and hurt my leg getting out of the car (given my track record, this is believable for me). But my mom didn't buy it for a minute. She did get me pretty good, though, earlier in the day. She had a meeting with the gas company seeing if they had made a mistake on her bill, and she called me to say they had made a mistake, but it was in their favor, and they were going to back-bill her for a year. She had me going for a while, anyway.

But since these stories were rather lame, and it didn't seem like my friends were into pranking today, I've got to share my personal 2009 favorite prank. The J. Peterman company launched six very unique products on their site today, including bottle unfiltered water and baseball glove pants. You've got to look at the descriptions for each of these...it's all great. The prices are funny, too.


I also enjoyed the April Fool's show on tonight, "I Get That A Lot." This link talks about the show--and lists some other great celebrity pranks. George Clooney and Mel Gibson were my faves.


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  1. I am ROFL at the J.Peterman products! Reading the product descriptions is a MUST! Thanks for sharing! That made me HAPPY!