Building Hope

This is a story that reminds me there are still kind people in this world--no matter how many horrible things we do to each other. Most days the news is full of how we're tearing each other down--but this one gives hope--for this generation and the next.


The back story on this article--this started originally with one child, and one construction worker. The child wrote (I believe it was a little boy) wrote his name and posted it in his hospital window, for the construction workers to see. The next day, he saw his name written on a beam outside his window. Now it's become a tradition that each child looks forward to. Each day, those construction workers now take the time to add that day's new names.

What I love about this is the creativity. We really can find happiness anywhere...if we're willing to put ourselves out there--open to finding it. Those children put their names on the window, inviting hope in. And those construction workers find a way to deliver.

Gotta love this one.

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  1. If only regular people could run the world ...