The Sound of Silence

I'm not a solitary person by nature...at least I don't think I am. But I must admit sometimes I crave alone time. When the happy accident of time to myself appears, it's like I've been given a gift. A guilty pleasure.

I'm basically a chatty introvert. When I'm with people I know, I love to visit...nothing holds me back. But I recharge my batteries by being alone. Ten minutes spent with a book, or just stepping outside alone for a few minutes alone...can clear my head and refresh me like nothing else can.

Tonight I get the living room to myself...and I'm fully relishing in the enjoyment of it. I've gotten the errands run and chores finished, so now I'm in that rare and wonderful moment where I get to choose between a juicy book or a favorite movie. I might just choose both. :)

That's my happy for today...and I'm going to keep this short so I can fully enjoy it. :)

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