Happiness, Come Find Me

Today was a good day and a bad day. It's my hubby's birthday, but he also found today out he has to have a pretty serious surgery in a few weeks. So that shadow is hanging over right now. But we're prayin' that it all goes well. And we're keepin' it positive. And keepin' it real. And keepin' laughin'. We're just keepin' it. And apparently we're usin' an excessive amount of apostrophes while we're keepin' it.

A few bits and pieces...

I was bummed driving home today to notice that most of the spring trees I love so much are starting to fade. I just love those dramatic blooms. There are some right by our parking lot at work I especially love.
Check out these gorgeous trees still blooming in Washington State, at this lovely little blog.

We had Chinese takeout tonight, and I had to laugh when I saw my fortune. It said "Happiness will find you today." I immediately thought of this blog. This little time every day really is my own personal happy.

For all you readers out there, these photos and excerpts from The Secret Garden are simply perfect.

If you're still up reading this tonight, step outside and drink in the full moon before you go to bed. It's lovely. If there's not a full moon where you are, you can always take in the stars. If it's cloudy tonight, I'm sorry. But there's always tomorrow!


  1. Gorgeous Secret Garden photos!

    Thinking of Lee and hoping all goes well.

  2. I prayed for Lee & everyone this morning. Loved the pictures of the cherry trees & full moon. Hope we get to plant a secret garden in our yard. How peaceful would that be!!!