Let the Sun Shine In

I'm not at my best today. I need to take my own advice. Today it's like a wall has gone up around my heart, and no happiness can quite penetrate it. It's a wall of worry and stress and hurt and exhaustion. It separates me from my surroundings, closing me off from everyone around me.

Maybe sometimes we almost don't want to let the happy in. We pull the hurt up around us like a blanket, holding on to the pain, as if embracing it can make it part of us, and somehow that will make it more bearable.

I've found the best remedy for nights like this is to curl up with a real cozy blanket and go to sleep. So that's where I'm headed.

But here's something that did made me smile today...it reminded me of my first cheerful house. This is the color we want to paint our new house in, someday...

If happiness has a color, it would be... click here to find out.

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