Back in the Saddle Again

Yep, it's been a year. I'm nothing if not inconsistent. But you know what they say about foolish consistencies being the hobgoblin of little minds. Well, just one person said it. Now I copy it. I like it, because it justifies my flaky nature.

well, our family hasn't grown in the way I planned quite yet. No kids...but somehow now we have a horse. A stubborn, spirited mare named Whisper Cinnamon Stix. I'm having a hard time adjusting, but mostly to the creative spelling of Stix--it's too reminiscent of "Kwik Mart" and other businesses that manage to cleverly trademark a name by grossly misspelling it. But the horse, I like.
Riding again (after 10ish years) was an appalling experience. I apparently lost my coordination and courage with age. But now, after numerous lessons, I can indeed get on and off the horse, and ride (at a dignified walk) around the very safe indoor arena. I rock.

I'm sure Whisper will give me all kinds of fodder for the blog--mostly embarrassing, but still, it's material.

A friend inspired me to dig up the old blog again--you must check out her blog, o' non-existent readers--Stuff by Jen. You must read the MRI post, and the post about the team meeting, from about three days ago. I was there--and Jen captured all the funny moments perfectly. :)


  1. I'm still following, Ginny! Glad you're back! :)

  2. thanks for the shout-out. can't wait to dig into reading this!!! ^_^